Basement Waterproofing

MF Admix

Superplasticiser, High Range Water Reducing And. Accelerating Admixture For High Early Strengths Test Mark: Z — 3.28 — 1044; Astm C 494 Type A & F.


MF is a chloride free, superplasticising admixture based on Napthalene Sulphonate polymers.


MF is specially developed for high workable and flowable concrete giving high early strengths which gives the following outstanding advantages.
(a) For Prefabricated Concrete

  • Reduction of the W/C factor
  • Resulting : less gauging water
  • Considerable higher early strength
  • Increased final strength
  • Improved water proofness
  • Shorter formwork releasing therefore the shutters can be used more often
(b) For Structural Concrete
  • Excellent flowability
  • Considerably reduced vibration time
  • Enables efficient concrete placement
  • Makes concrete fully economical


  • Concrete Panels
  • Sandwich panels
  • Prestressed / Prefab concrete elements
  • Projects with shortime limits i.e. early stresses, fast formwork release
  • Where ever high flowable concrete is required


MF can be used to produce flowing concrete at site using ready mix trucks. MF can be added directly into concrete via the feed hopper of the truck a few minutes before placing.


MF makes for a strong plasticising and dispersing effect on the cement and aggregate particles even at low dosage rates. The action of the cement is thus more effective and the wetting of aggregates is improved which makes the concrete significantly more homogenous. The tendency of segregation and bleeding is strongly reduced.


The dosage of MF is between 250cc - 500 cc per 50 Kg. of cement. In special cases and after consulting our Field Engineers the dosage may be increased upto 750 cc per 50 Kg. of cement where exceptional high strength is required. Best results are obtained when added to the mix as the last component and when atleast mixed for additional 45 Seconds.


Form: liquid
Colour: dark brown
Specific gravity: 1.10
Freezing point: approx. -1C.
pH value: 7.5 + 1
Storage: protect from frost and excessive heat. Keep containers closed Chloride content: Nil
Nitrate content: Nil
Air entrainment: <2 %
Packaging: 210 ltr drum
Physiological effects: may irritate skin and eyes