Project Detail

  • Type of work: Roof Expansion Joint Treatment
  • Covered Area: N/A
  • Estimation: One Lac PKR
  • Bake Parlor contacted BUILDING COMFORTS in early 2007 for the solution to repeated leakages from its Double T roof joints. They clearly informed us during the meeting that their budget for roof waterproofing wasn't sufficient so the solution pertaining to only joints' waterproofing to be provided. Our team inspected the site, which had been earlier waterproofed using un-modified hot bitumen. This product had seeped into the joints and caused lot of damage to the building due to its uninhibited expansion during summers.

    Our solution for this project: Complete scrap work was done to remove unmodified. After thorough cleaning of the site back rod was placed along the joint. Later, modified Bitumen (BITUMASTIC) was poured. This material is specifically designed for roof and floor expansion and construction joints and a cost effective alternative to membrane waterproofing. After Bitumastic dried, water was filled on the roof for final checking.