Basement Waterproofing

MasterPel® 707
(Formerly Known as Rheomac 707)

Low Dosage, liquid, integral waterproof for concrete and mortar


MasterPel 707 is a liquid admixture for concrete to achieve high resistance to water ingress. It is based on a blend of surface active agents and refined lignosulphonate.


MasterPel 707 should be used in all structural concrete that is constantly or intermittently in contact with water such as sea walls, tunnels, basements, structural and pre-cast concrete in exposed superstructures. MasterPel 707 can also be used as waterproofing cum plasticizing admixture for cement mortars and plasters.


Provides resistance to water penetration either under hydrostatic pressure or capillary absorption.

Increased durability.

Reduced sulphate attack.

Reduced efflorescence.

Improved cohesion, reduce segregation.

Pumpabiity of concrete is greatly improved.

Improved surface finish.

Reduced shrinkage cracks in plasters

Does not reduce compressive strengths

Liquid – easy to use.

Low dosage – Economical.



: Dark brown liquid



Relative Density

: 1.17±0.02 at 25º C




: ≥6



Chloride ion content

: <0.2%



Air entrainment, %

: 2 ± 1



Surface absorption

: Reduction of 60-80%

of water, BS 1881








ASTM C494: Types A & D


As a guide, a dosage range of 200ml to 400ml per 100kg of cementitious material is recommended.

Optimum dosage of MasterPel 707 should be determined with trial mixes. Higher dosages may be required when certain combinations of materials and conditions are present or water reduction in excess of 15% is required. Because of variations in concrete materials, job site conditions, and/or applications, dosages outside of the recommended range may be required. In such cases, contact your local BASF representative.

For addition information on MasterPel 707 admixture or on its use in developing concrete mixes with special performance characteristics, contact your local BASF representative.

Points to be remembered when producing waterproof concrete:

Ensure water / cement ratio is within the range of 0.40 to 0.60.

Keep water content as low as possible.

Place concrete quickly and compact it well.

Ensure complete curing with a MASTERKURE curing compound.

Effects of over dosage

A severe over-dosage of MasterPel 707 shall result in some of the following:

Extension of initial and final set

Increase in air entrainment

Bleed/segregation of mix, quick loss of workability

Increased plastic shrinkage

A slight overdose may not adversely affect the ultimate strength of the concrete and can achieve higher strengths than normal concrete, provided it is properly compacted and cured. Due allowance should be made for the effect of fluid concrete pressure on form work, and stripping times should be monitored.

In the event of over dosage, contact your local BASF representative immediately.


MasterPel 707 is a ready-to-use liquid which is dispensed into the concrete together with the mixing water. The plasticising effect and water reduction are higher if the admixture is added to the damp concrete after 50 to 70% of the mixing water has been added. The addition of MasterPel 707 to dry aggregate or cement is not recommended.


The liquid integral water proofer shall be Masterpel 707, lignosulphonate polymer based, waterproofing cum plasticizing admixture. The product shall comply with IS: 2645-2003 when tested at a dosage of 100 ml /50 Kg bag of cement. The product must be free of chlorides and shall have specific gravity not less than 1.17 & shall comply with ASTM C494 Type A & D.


MasterPel 707 is compatible with most admixtures used in the production of quality concrete including normal, other mid-range and high-range waterreducing admixtures, air entertainers, accelerators, retarders, extended set control admixtures, corrosion inhibitors, and shrinkage reducers. MasterPel 707 is also compatible with slag and pozzolans such as fly ash and silica fume.


Masterpel 707 admixture will neither initiate nor promote corrosion of reinforcing steel embedded in concrete, pre-stressed concrete or concrete placed on galvanized steel floor and roof systems. Neither calcium chloride nor any calcium chloride-based ingredients are used in the manufacture of MasterPel 707 admixture. In all concrete application, MasterPel 707 admixture will conform to the most stringent or minimum chloride ion limits currently suggested by construction industry standards and practices.


MasterPel 707 ensures that concrete remains workable in excess of 60 minutes at +25°C. Workability loss is dependent on temperature, and on the type of cement, the nature of aggregates, the method of transport and initial workability. It is strongly recommended that concrete should be properly cured particularly in hot, windy and dry climates. The use of MASTERKURE 111CF, evaporation reducer to prevent quick moisture loss from the surface of the flat works such as pavements in the dry, windy and hot climate is highly recommended.


MasterPel 707 is available in 5litre & 210litre drums.


MasterPel 707 must be stored where temperatures do not drop below +5°C. If product has frozen, thaw at +5°C or above and completely reconstitute using mild mechanical agitation. Do not use pressurized air for agitation. Store under cover, out of direct sunlight and protect from extremes of temperature. Shelf life is 12 months when stored as above. Failure to comply with the recommended storage conditions may result in premature deterioration of the product or packaging. For specific storage advice consult your local BASF representative.


As with all chemical products, care should be taken during use and storage to avoid contact with eyes, mouth, skin and foodstuffs (which can also be tainted with vapor until product fully cured or dried). Treat splashes to eyes and skin immediately. If accidentally ingested, seek immediate medical attention. Keep away from children and animals. Reseal containers after use. Do not use containers for storage of consumable item. For further information refer to the material safety data sheet. MSDS available on demand or on BASF construction chemicals web site.