Basement Waterproofing

RMC 786

Liquid Integral waterproofing Admixtue


A Crystalline Liquid Integral Waterproofing admixture is produced specifically for the complete and permanant waterproofing of reinforced and mass cocrete(RMC)structure,readymixedand precast concrete.


RMC 786 should be used in all structural concrete that is constantly or intermittently in contact with water such as sea walls, tunnels, basement, underground water tanks, structural and pre—cast concrete, exposed super structures.


It has the following adventageous effects:

  • At the mixing stage ,it improves the witting action of the gauging water making the mix more plastic, or allowing a reduction to be made in water content.
  • It increase the comprssive strenght of concrete when it made of water reducing properties.
  • Concrete of increased workability and the same strenght can be produced without altering the mix design.
  • It improves the bulk density of concrete.
  • When used for cement rendering,it improves bond strenght and,when hardned,produced an impervious ,non-absorbent surface.
  • WRC approved to be used for portable water tanks and water retaining structures.


RMC 786 has both a chemical and physical and reaction in the mix; firstly, it creats insoluble crystals in the hardned concrete which makes it pemanently waterproof. Secondly, by breaking down the surface tension of the gauging water, it enables a water reduction to be made or workability to be increased. RMC 786 Crystalline Liquid Integral waterproofing in no way affects the setting time of the concrete and it will not affect steel reinforcement.


RMC 786 should be added with mixing water preferable via dispenser. It should never be added to the dry cement. No extension to mixing times is required.


Ensure specific water cement ratio is not exceeded, work within the range of 0.4 to 0.6 keep water content as low as possible compatible with achieving full compaction. Place concrete quickly and ensure it is thoroughly compacted. Protect new concrete against rapid drying out and ensure and adequate and complete curing using Concrete Curing compound.


200 — 300 m1/50 kg bag of OPC. Field trials should be conducted to determine the effect of RMC 786 on workability of the concrete.


Excellent shelf life. Protect from fros.


210 litre drum.

Health & Safety

RMC 786 is harmless to the skin and non-toxic. Avoid contact with the eyes. As a general Code of safety Practice, all chemical products should be treated with care and kept away from children and animals.