Project Detail

  • Type of work: Basement & Underground Tank Waterproofing
  • Covered Area: 45,000 sqft
  • Estimation: 1 million PKR
  • Year: 2010-2011
  • By Hyderabad building standards there is no residential project which equals this one. It is a classically designed project by area's top consultant. The materials being used are reliable and cost efficient.

    BUILDING COMFORTS was invited by the owner of Q-City to Hyderabad for investigation and provision of solution for basement waterproofing. The task was made more difficult due to faulty sewerage lines of the area and extreme level of salinity in the ground. The water level was around 3-4 ft, which meant that any solution would have to be based on efficiency of the product as well as its utility in extreme saline conditions. After multiple surveys of the site, we finally recommended usage of Concrete integral waterproofing admixture, Greenseal 100, imported from Malaysia, to be poured dry during concreting process. We also used American product, RX 101, as a joint sealer all along the retaining walls.

    Next stage will include waterproofing coating to be applied on internal retaining walls and base before plaster is applied.